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Using Plant-based Products for Arthritis Pain Relief

February 12, 2019

Using Plant-based Products for Arthritis Pain Relief

If you suffer from discomfort, you’re not alone.  Over 50 million people have arthritis in the United States alone, making it a leading cause of disability in the country. That means 1 in every 5 adults, 300,000 children and scores of families suffer from physical arthritis pain. And that’s without taking into account all those people with undiagnosed arthritis – many people don’t seek treatment until their symptoms become severe. The actual number of Americans suffering from arthritis may in fact be close to 91 million. Plant-based products can potentially be a great, natural way to alleviate the physical sensation associated with arthritis pain, without inducing adverse side effects.  Heartland CannAssist has partnered with the top CBD producers in the US to bring the best products to our online store 

Arthritis pain can be crippling

The term “arthritis” refers to a cluster of over 100 different joint conditions, with common symptoms including swelling, pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion, varying in frequency, duration and severity according to each individual’s diagnosis. Severe arthritis can lead to chronic, crippling pain, making it exceedingly difficult for sufferers to complete even the most routine of daily activities, such as walking, climbing stairs, preparing food and putting pen to paper. Arthritis can cause permanent joint changes, which, in turn, can lead to long-term, insufferable arthritis pain.

The first step in alleviating arthritis pain is learning the facts about this debilitating disease and discovering methods of relief to help reduce flare-ups, and their associated pain.

What causes arthritis pain?

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. It can be caused by a reduction of the normal amount of cartilage between joints (Osteoarthritis), which leads to the painful sensation of stress placed on the joints during normal movement. It can also be caused by the body’s immune system attacking joint tissues responsible for producing fluids nourishing and protecting the cartilage, without which, arthritis pain is inevitable (Rheumatoid arthritis). As such, the primary focus for alleviating arthritis-related joint pain is reducing inflammation and cushioning the blow that is the bumping of joints insufficiently protected by cartilage.

A holistic remedy for relief

Preclinical trials and anecdotal evidence have reported that the hemp plant’s natural properties have been found to provide holistic, clean relief. The plant’s compounds, including beta-carophyllene, work together to reduce pain and inflammation. It also contains the perfect balance of essential fatty acids (EFAs), critical to ending inflammatory episodes within the body. While most plant-based remedies do not eliminate any ailment, they are instrumental in reducing associated pain.

Many applications for flexible pain relief

Hemp-based products for relief come in many forms and applications – from topical gel pens, creams and transdermal patches to oils, capsules and other orally ingested powders. Topical applications have the potential to be effective at reducing skin conditions known to exacerbate arthritis symptoms, such as psoriasis, while oral preparations provide the body with added protein in an easily and rapidly absorbed preparation.

Living with arthritis does not have to mean living in chronic pain

Being diagnosed with arthritis is not a death sentence. In fact, it doesn’t even mean you’ll have to resign yourself to living in chronic pain. At a time where the medical world is trying to reduce the global population’s dependency on pain medication, while simultaneously creating a better quality of life for patients of all kinds, plant-based products for relief are a viable option. As their effectiveness may vary from person to person, it is important to learn as much as you can about all-natural pain relievers. Talk with your medical professional to weigh the pros and cons of trying hemp-infused products and always take into account your self-care needs.

*The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nothing herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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