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My Organic Health®

We are excited to announce that Scott Blair, Heartland CannAssistIllinois Medical Cannabis Patient Outreach,Shop Heartland CannAssist CBD Products, Kimberly Devos, MA, LCPC, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Dr Tom Drost at OakTree Wellness Center have joined together under the name of My Organic Health at OakTree Wellness Center, located at 721 East Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, IL 60187

At My Organic Health at OakTree Wellness Center, we believe that using natural medicine to help treat our patients and guiding them towards with managed treatments can be an alternative to the normal pharmaceutical medical approach. The Associates and staff recognize that there is a time and a place for each type of medicine and that there are times that a stronger course of action is appropriate. However, in mainstream medicine, the beginning steps, such as looking first to diet and lifestyle are often overlooked or brushed over and replaced with a pharmaceuticals to alleviate the conditions of the patient. 

Tom Drost, MD, ND, FACS, is trained as a Medical Doctor, a Surgeon and as a naturopathic doctor. He focuses on taking the extra time to work with patients to try and discover and treat the cause of conditions, rather than first just medicating them. Only with this total approach, does Dr Tom believe true health can be achieved. At OakTree Wellness Center, we follow the therapeutic order in treating disease, starting first with diet, lifestyle, medical cannabis if needed and, as a last resort, recommending more extreme measures such as pharmaceuticals or surgery.

Kimberly Devos, MA, LCPC also believes in a holistic health approach that centers on counseling and life coaching. She recognizes that the body, soul and spirit are intracately interwoven. One of her personal goals is to empower all patients she works with to make decisions that will help them grow emotionally, psychologically, rationally and spiritually. She works to help each patient find a safe, comfortable, accepting environment for this growth to take place. She is able to diagnose PTSD that can allow patients to look to Medical Cannabis if necessary.

Scott Blair, President & Owner of Heartland CannAssist and Shop Heartland CannAssist brings his knowledge of Cannabis and CBD to the group. He experienced first hand how devastating prescribed opiates are. After a tragic accident at his employment he lived through multiple surgeries which ultimately resulted in titanium rods being inserted in his spine. It also resulted in his being over prescribed opiates and a dependency on the drug. On his own he discovered medical cannabis and was quickly able to remove opiates in his life. He founded his company, Heartland CannaAssist in 2015 and has helped thousands of Illinois patients obtain their Medical Card. Dr Tom, Kimberly and Scott can help any Illinois patient who has been diagnosed with the approved conditions for the card. They know that many MD’s will not certify with the state for the card and with their holistic approach they will!

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