BlueBird Botanicals Concentrated Pet Capsules – 60 capsules

CBD hemp extract & organic hemp seed oil. 15+ mg cannabinoids per capsule.

Bluebird Botanical Concentrated Companion Capsules were created for dogs and cats needing an extra boost of CBD in their routine.

  • Full-spectrum hemp extract emulsified in organic hemp seed oil
  • 15+ mg of cannabinoids per soft gel capsule
  • 60 capsules (+900mg)
  • Soft gel capsule made of glycerin, gelatin, and purified water
  • Third-party batch testing for your safety and peace of mind

We offer CBD for dogs and cats because, just like humans, they have endocannabinoid systems that produce endogenous cannabinoids and impact the whole organism. Not only is CBD beneficial for humans, it also promotes the overall wellness of our furry friends.†  Many dogs and cats consume our CBD oil, but so do horses, kangaroos, chickens, and more!

Independent Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Bluebird Botanicals Signature 6x

Concentrated CBD Signature Oil (1,500+ mg cannabinoids/1oz)

This concentrated CBD oil blend is made of the same ingredients as our Hemp Signature, but has six times the amount of cannabinoids. Instead of 250+ mg per fluid ounce, the concentrated version has 1,500+ mg of cannabinoids per fluid ounce, the same potency as Concentrated Hemp Classic. 1 ml (30 drops) of Concentrated Hemp Signature contains at least 50+ mg of cannabinoids.


1. Full-spectrum hemp extract (1,500+ mg cannabinoids/fluid oz)
2. Frankincense carterii CO2 extract
3. Black cumin seed oil – cold-pressed
4. Hemp seed oil – cold-pressed from hemp seeds grown in Canada

Standard Use & Typical Serving Size

Keep at room temperature. Gently swirl the bottle (do not shake vigorously) before using. Most people swallow 15 drops (25+ mg cannabinoids) or more, as desired. The amount that people take on a daily basis can vary greatly. Our hemp extract products can be ingested morning or night, on an empty or full stomach.

Conversions- Ounce, Milliliter, Drop, & Milligram

1 fluid ounce = 30 milliliter (ml) = 900 drops = 1,500+ mg cannabinoids
1 ml = 30 drops
15 drops= 25+ mg cannabinoids