HempMeds Gold Capsules 25 Mg 30ct


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What is Real Scientific Hemp Oil?

RSHO™ is HempMeds®’s pure non-GMO hemp oil, unmodified and sourced straight from the hemp plant. RSHO™ is extracted from hemp cultivated free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

RSHO™ oil offers more than just cannabinoids like CBD. Hemp oil also provides the body with a number of essential nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, omega fatty acids, proteins, flavonoids, and terpenes. Gaining these nutrients, which are often missing from our modern diets, is just one more benefit to adding a hemp oil supplement to your diet.

Gold Label RSHO™  has been decarboxylated to modify its natural CBDa to CBD. Additionally, the Gold Label RSHO™ is put through an extra filtration process to remove the hemp plant’s excess waxes, chlorophyll, and other plant material. This purification stage refines this oil to a golden color. This process also leaves our Gold Label oil as the most potent of HempMeds products, maximizing the CBD content

Real Scientific Hemp Oil Ingredients

The main – and sometimes only – ingredient in RSHO™ is pure and real hemp oil. Unlike isolated or synthetic cannabinoids, full-spectrum hemp oil refers to pure hemp oil that features all the same cannabinoids present in the original hemp plant, providing an all-natural CBD hemp oil supplement that allows the cannabinoids to work together in what is called the entourage effect.

RSHO™ capsules can be taken orally once or twice daily.


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