Innovet Oil for Dogs & Horses 1500mg For Pets 90+ Pounds


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  • 100% organic hemp-based phytocannabinoid (CBD) oil
  • Formulated for dogs, cats, and horses (see dosing guides)
  • Full-spectrum phytocannabinoid obtained via cold CO2 extraction
  • 3rd party lab tested for quality, safety, and efficacy
  • Organic hemp oil sourced from Germany & U.K.
  • Organic hemp extract sourced from Oregon
  • Extract derived from mature hemp stalks & seeds to be legal in all 50 states
  • Contains zero chemical or pesticide residue
  • 0% THC = Non-psychoactive = NO “High”
  • No additives or preservatives
  • 100% natural

You want your pet to maintain his health and vitality for as long as possible. Although you can’t stop time, there are ways to help him keep his vigor for longer. International studies suggest that natural phytocannabinoid oil may be beneficial for a number of issues, such as inflammation, seizures, anxiety, generalized pain, and nausea.

Our PurCBD+ phytocannabinoid oil is organic hemp-based and now available in 125mg, 250mg and 1500mg concentrations. Since we use the purest ingredients, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most potent tincture available at the most affordable price.

This phytocannabinoid oil contains 0% THC, the chemical in marijuana that causes the “high” sensation. It’s non-psychoactive and is safe for dogs and cats alike.

Our formula is 100% natural and independently tested to ensure quality, purity, and effectiveness. We always use organic sources, so you can be sure your CBD oil does not contain any pesticide residue and is derived from only the finest hemp-based oils.

Just give your pet the recommended dosage depending on his weight. See our comprehensive dosing chart for dosage suggestions. It may take up to two days for results to become apparent. Always ask your vet before discontinuing your pet’s medications or other treatments.

Why phytocannabinoid?

While the FDA has prevented any wide scale studies on the effectiveness of phytocannabinoid from being performed in the US, international studies suggest that it may help with a whole range of health conditions,such as anxiety, seizures, convulsions, inflammation, chronic pain, and more. The Innovet team has seen, through personal experiences and countless customer success stories, the lifesaving effects of phytocannabinoid oil.

Our phytocannabinoid oil:

  • Is derived from 100% phytocannabinoid hemp
  • Contains 0% THC, so there’s no “high”
  • Has no pesticides or other chemicals
  • Is safe and gentle enough for dogs and cats
  • Easy to use dropper allows for a perfect dosage

How Does CBD Oil Work?

Cannabidiol works by supplementing your endocannabinoid system, or ECS. This system is responsible for regulating bodily functions like immunity, sleep, appetite, mood, and pain. It’s made up of neurons in your brain called cannabinoid receptors.

Non-THC strains of CBD stimulate these neurons without producing a psychoactive effect; you get the health benefits of hemp without the high. Humans, cats, dogs, as well as birds, reptiles, and mammals, share this system, which is why they are all able to benefit from the effects of CBD.

CBD, and more specifically CBD oils, work similar to the way a vitamin works. Taking a Vitamin E supplement works to the benefit of your circulatory system by increasing your body’s Vitamin E supply. CBD oils do just the same for your ECS, which is why it helps regulate mood, pain, and sleep for those with chronic health issues. While the idea of giving your pet CBD oil may seem foreign, it’s very similar to you taking a vitamin.

CBD For Anxiety and Depression

The most well-known benefit of CBD in both humans and animals is its ability to help manage conditions such as anxiety and depression. If your dog has issues with chewing, urinating, pacing, or other destructive behaviors, then it’s most likely a symptom of anxiety in your pet.

Chronic anxiety and depression are generally the result of a hormonal imbalance in humans, but works differently in dogs. Chronic anxiety in dogs is a physchological problem problem that is caused by behavior. This imbalance can lead to a host of negative symptoms in your dog, including abnormal and destructive behaviors, lethargy, aggressiveness, poor appetite, and poor sleep. Because the ECS system is responsible for regulating mood, sleep, and appetite, using cannabidiol reduces the effect of the symptoms of these conditions.

This helps to rebalance your pet and returns their hormones back to a normal rate of fluctuation. CBD also stimulates the adenosine and serotonin receptors in your pet’s brain, which can have long-term benefits for your animal’s happiness levels.

Not only are CBD oils effective for treating anxiety and depression, but they can also help with other mood or fear issues in your pet. If your dog has a hard time interacting with new people or animals, or is very averse to traveling with you, then CBD oils could be able to help.

Often, this behavior in dogs stems from a fear of unfamiliar people or animals, history of abuse/neglect, or separation anxiety. CBD oil is effective at easing the effects of all of these issues, allowing your dog to play and enjoy itself to a greater extent.

CBD For Seizures and Epilepsy

Most seizure and epilepsy medication (for humans as well as animals) has severe side effects. Seizures occur when your brain begins misfiring strong electrical signals throughout the body.

Standard seizure medications prevent seizures by suppressing the brain’s electrical activity. While this is somewhat effective, users are left feeling dull and lethargic throughout their days, and harm is done to the liver and other organs.

Cannabidiol, if used in higher dosages, is capable of treating seizures and epilepsy without the same negative side effects. It can prevent and interrupt seizures in the short term, and even reduce their frequency if used over a long period of time.

CBD For Chronic Pain and Arthritis

Arthritis, back pain, and other chronic pains can all be detrimental to your dog’s quality of life. A common cause behind these issues is inflammation of the joints and their surrounding areas. One healing aspect of CBD is that it can act as a pain reliever, providing quick relief to your pet’s aches.

CBD oils target the neuron receptor that regulates pain in animals and blocks it from turning on. When this neuron is blocked, it stops sending pain and swelling signals throughout the body, leading the pain points to gradually go away on their own.

It works so well that researchers are considering making it a new drug class for treating patients suffering from chronic pain.

Thanks to this anti-inflammatory function of CBD, it is helpful for treating a wide variety of chronic pain issues, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Asthma
  • Intestinal inflammation
  • Neuropathy pain
  • Nerve-related pain
  • Inflammation on oxidative stress

CBD For Nausea

Sometimes, your pet will unexpectedly lose their appetite, leaving you with no real explanation as to why. This is a common side effect of nausea. If you notice that your pet has been feeling nauseated or eating less than normal, CBD can help reduce the nausea, bringing their appetite back along the way.

CBD For Cancer

CBD has been shown to have an effect on cancerous cells that prevents them from growing. CBD also boosts the user’s immune system, allowing the body to fight the formation of cancer cells. This means that giving your pet CBD dosages over the course of their life could help lower their chances of developing cancer.

For dogs that already have cancer and are being treated, CBD can help counteract the symptoms of the disease and the negative side effects of medications. Using CBD in conjunction with cancer treatment can help improve your animal’s quality of life. There have even been studies in mice and rats showing that CBD can induce cell death in cancerous cells.

Despite there not being enough evidence to know why CBD is effective for treating cancer, there is enough to say that it has a positive impact. While you shouldn’t use it in place of traditional cancer treatments, using it alongside these treatments can help your dog through the process.

CBD Oil For Dogs: The Bottom Line

If you’re considering giving your pet CBD supplements, whether it’s to treat conditions affecting your dog’s quality of life or simply to improve their overall health, then hopefully this article has helped with your decision.

If you’re still unsure, talk to your local holistic vet about any concerns you may have. They’re the best way to decide if CBD supplements are right for you and your pet.

So long as you purchase CBD products from a reputable seller and are responsible with how you administer it, you should quickly see an improvement in your pet’s everyday life.


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