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Charlotte's Web Infused Cream - Soothing Scent - 2.5 oz

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Take a trip to the spa every time you use Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Cream. This super rich and nourishing body lotion features real hemp extract that may help calm the body while added B5, aloe, coconut oil, and shea butter moisturize deep below skin’s surface. Each bottle has botanicals for an aromatherapeutic experience. Sustainably grown.

Massage into skin until thoroughly absorbed.  Repeat as desired.  Store at room temperature.


About Charlotte's Web

Hemp and marijuana might come from the same plant species—cannabis sativa—but they aren’t the same plant. And although they share similar genes and certain chemical compounds, here’s the biggest difference: hemp is high in cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid recognized for its wellness properties—and it’s not psychoactive. Marijuana, on the other hand, is known for its known for its psychoactive effects thanks to larger concentrations (>0.3%) of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In the mountains of Colorado there’s a family of brothers helping to bring the benefits of hemp extract oil to the masses.

The History of Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a hemp extract oil company based in Colorado. It was started by a team of seven brothers who’ve built a business focusing on three core values: quality, consistency, and integrity. The family oversees all the planting, harvesting, and processing of the hemp plant, which becomes concentrated into bottles, balms, or capsules.

Charlotte’s Web Company Mission

The mission of Charlotte’s Web is to better the planet and the people living on it. The brand is known for its line of dietary supplements made with hemp extract oil, which is extracted from flowers, stems, and leaves of high-quality hemp plants. These are the only parts of the plant with cannabinoid concentrations high enough to make the products effective.

Benefits of Hemp Extract Oil

There are lots of reasons people incorporate hemp extract oil into their supplement routine. Healthy lifestyle benefits may include:

  • Relief from daily stress
  • Supporting restful sleep
  • Recovery from exercise-induced inflammation
  • Offering a sense of calm and focus

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